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The seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences listed below are enriched by our expert lectures and presentations. 

We are happy to see you at one of these events. 

Imparting education and knowledge while taking into consideration the latest research and development results as well as quality and performance factors is of great importance to us.


One of our key tasks is the distribution of knowledge in our main areas of expertise:

  • Manufacturing simulation

  • Welding simulation

  • Heat treatment simulation

  • Residual stress analysis

  • Microstructure analysis

  • Evaluation of cracking risks

  • Process optimization

  • Finite-element-analysis

  • Ultimate load analysis

For this purpose, we are excellently connected with industrial and research partners, universities, institutes and associations.

Visit us at one of the numerous events and let our knowledge and expertise convince you.


European Automotive Laser Applications

23rd European Expert Conference

31. Mai und 01. Juni 2022

Bad Nauheim, Deutschland

Osnabrücker Leichtbautage Moderner Leichtbau in der Landmaschinentechnik

08. und 09. Juni 2022

Hochschule Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Deutschland

Vortrag von Dr. Tobias Loose

09.06.2021, 10.30 Uhr

Mit simulationsbasierten Lösungen die fügetechnischen Herausforderungen im Leichtbau meistern

Advances in Welding & Additive Manufacturing Research Conference 2022

12. bis 17. Juni 2022

Miami, Florida, USA

DYNAmore Infotag

Fertigungssimulation und Schweißsimulation

mit FabWeld und LS-DYNA

30. Juni 2022

13:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Zürich, Schweiz

The 13th International Seminar
"Numerical Analysis of Weldability

04. bis 07. September 2022

Castle Seggau, Graz, Österreich

16. Deutsches LS-DYNA Forum 2022

10. bis 12. Oktober 2022

Bamberg, Deutschland