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WeldWare Advisory Tool

WeldWare® is a welding advisory system of SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH Rostock, which enables you to make quick decisions regarding the calculation of the heat input before starting welding in production and repair.

After selecting the steel from a material database, you can save your specific batch and precisely for this purpose precalculate the microstructure composition and the mechanical characteristic values in the heat-affected zone of the weld as a function of the cooling time.

Based on one of the largest collections of self-generated weld CTU charts, WeldWare® uses cross-batch regression equations.

This enables you to optimize cooling times, weld parameters, preheat temperatures and costs while ensuring product quality. WeldWare® provides a data interface to weld structure simulation with FabWeld, DynaWeld or Sysweld.

Your advantages:

  • Fast decision for production and repair
  • Optimization of costs while ensuring product quality
  • Based on the world's largest collection of metallurgical data for welding simulation
  • Scientifically based results

WeldWare® serves

  • the calculation of heat input before starting welding
  • calculation of microstructure and mechanical parameters in HAZ
  • determination of required preheating temperatures on real components
  • provision of data for FEM

WeldWare® uses:

  • Regression equations across batches
  • Welding-CTU diagrams, created by SLV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern GmbH
  • Associated material data
  • Cooling time equations


WeldWare®supports the following materials:

  • General structural steel, shipbuilding steel, pipe steel,
  • fine-grained structural steel, high-strength fine-grained structural steel,
  • Cold Tough Structural Steel, High Temperature Structural Steel,
  • Hydrogen pressure resistant steel,
  • Case hardening steel, quenched and tempered steel,
  • Model steel, cast steel unalloyed and low-alloyed,
    MSG weld metal.

For each material, the composition of the alloying elements can be entered and managed batch by batch according to chemical analysis.

WeldWare® determines the mechanical parameters in the HAZ for individual batches depending on the selected cooling time:

  • Hardness,
  • Yield strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation at break
  • Contraction at fracture

WeldWare®calculates the microstructure composition for arbitrarily selectable cooling times.

WeldWare® clearly displays the weld CTU diagram and exports the material data in WWD format to the weld structure simulation such as FabWeld®, DynaWeld® or Sysweld.

WeldWare® allows you to calculate the cooling time for different plate thickness combinations and welding parameters. You can use it to adjust the energy of the draw frame or the preheating temperature to obtain favorable microstructure conditions in terms of hardening and ductility...

System Requirements

Windows, 64 Bit
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel

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