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We offer a wide range of service
support and consulting.

Consulting Welding with Dr. Loose GmbH, Heat Engineering, Process design,


welding consulting

process layout

thermal management

material selection

Assemly planning, Tobias Loose, Walzbachtal, weld sequence, multi stage assembly, process chain simulation,  clamp design, Tack weld design

Assembly planning

layout of the assembly of welded modules,

multi-stage assembly, design of clamping

and tacking concepts, weld sequence planning, design and evaluation of compensation measures, distortion management and distortion minimization as well as process chain simulation.

Dr. Loose GmbH, software development, automatisation tool

Software development

Customer related software

tools for automatization

add ons

special application

Research in the field of welding simulation, Dr. Tobias Loose


Custoer related research and development

development of methods for simulation applications

Welding Simulation Numerical analysis welded components heat treatment. Distortion analysis, Crack analysis, residual stress analysis

Welding simulation

numerical analysis of welded

or heat-treated components

distortion analysis

distortion origin analysis

residual stress analysis

microstructure analysis

crack risk evaluation